Samsung Securities Selects Allot Communications' Traffic Management Solution

Large-Scale NetEnforcer Deployment Enhances Performance and Manageability of Mission-Critical Financial Applications

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota – February 21, 2005 - Allot Communications, the Traffic Management Company, today announced that Samsung Financial has selected Allot’s NetEnforcer to monitor and manage its network traffic, which supports employees in more than 100 offices and customers around the globe.

Samsung Securities is the leading investment bank in Korea. With 105 branches, the company’s network supports a multitude of proprietary financial applications used by employees and customers. Samsung’s network was becoming overloaded by Internet traffic from employees and from the downloading of excessively large files by customers.

After a detailed search for network traffic management solutions, Samsung solved its problems using Allot’s NetEnforcer. By deploying 13 different NetEnforcer units, Samsung was able to secure critical data flows supporting its securities trading applications. NetEnforcer has allowed Samsung to monitor its network traffic; prioritize each networked application; create a schedule that would guarantee QoS policies; and ensure that critical applications and users always received the required network resources needed for optimal performance.

NetEnforcer is also helping Samsung remove unstable elements from its network environment by implementing P2P and intrusion prevention control mechanisms that thwart improper network use. By monitoring each connection, Samsung is using NetEnforcer to identify suspicious traffic flows, filter unwanted traffic and block connections that may spread viruses or other detrimental network traffic.

“We’ve selected Allot’s NetEnforcer because we feel it’s the industry’s most scalable traffic management solution and provided the best P2P control and frontline security protection,” said Samsung Securities’ Network administrator, Gunjae Lee. “As a result of deploying Allot’s technology, we’ve been able to guarantee the swift delivery of our critical business data to our customers, while also improving network performance for our employees.”

“The fact that leading global companies such as Samsung Securities are deploying Allot’s traffic management solutions network-wide validates the fact that our solutions are the most comprehensive, powerful, and manageable in the industry,” said Menashe Mukhtar, VP of international sales for Allot Communications . “We’re delighted to work with Samsung Securities to improve their network performance and frontline security, and we look forward to continued efforts to help Samsung meet future customer needs as they evolve.”

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