Dixons Group Reduces Bandwidth Consumption by 30 Percent Using NetEnforcer to Manage VPNs and Control P2P, E-Mail and Web Traffic at 1,000 Stores

Dixons Group Reduces Bandwidth Consumption by 30 Percent Using NetEnforcer to Manage VPNs and Control P2P, E-Mail and Web Traffic at 1,000 Stores

Minneapolis, Minnesota –March 7, 2005: Allot Communications, the Traffic Management Company, today announced that Dixons Group plc. - Europe’s largest retailer of consumer electronics - has selected Allot’s NetEnforcer to monitor and manage its network traffic.

Dixons Group’s external website facilitates thousands of online transactions daily – including inventory management, validating credit cards for customers, collecting shipping information, and executing online retail purchases. The company’s international intranet links 13 different countries and more than 1,400 retail stores operating across the UK and continental Europe. Dixons also deploys Virtual Private Networks across locations in Scandinavia, France, Spain, Italy, Australia, South Africa, the Far East and the USA – which are hosted and managed externally.

When Dixons Group’s network performance began to suffer, due to unmanaged P2P, email, and other non-critical network traffic, the company deployed Allot’s NetEnforcer. NetEnforcer enabled Dixons to monitor its entire Internet network, clearly see traffic and implement policies to prioritize business related traffic, while throttling recreational or frivolous network traffic. Dixons’ IT department was also able to defer non-critical activities - such as backups - and “rate-control” other IP traffic by allocating limited bandwidth during the day, in order to minimize the pressure on their network.

“We were introduced to NetEnforcer by one of our hosting partners, and we decided to take it in-house to manage the rapid increase in traffic across our international network,” said Andrew Gromniak, Dixons’ Senior Infrastructure Consultant. “We’re extremely impressed with NetEnforcer’s monitoring graphs and Deep Packet Inspection capacities – which have helped us identify and control P2P traffic that was consuming about 30-percent of our available bandwidth.”

Iain Andrew, Group CIO of Dixons Group said, “Managing our internet bandwidth resource is vital to our business and NetEnforcer has enabled us to match bandwidth with business demands controlling the lower priority traffic”.

The network intelligence and manageability provided by NetEnforcer has enabled Dixons to act like an ISP itself – by dynamically guaranteeing the performance of VPN sessions between its 1,400 retail stores, and guarantee SLAs per site, per user, by line of business and per application type. As a result, Dixons has increased productivity throughout its enterprise, and has improved network performance between its retail end points and central data center, without having to purchase additional bandwidth.

“Dixons is a great example of how large, multi-national enterprise companies are using NetEnforcer to manage their networks and align bandwidth to support their business priorities,” said Azi Ronen, executive vice president of technology and marketing for Allot. “We’re pleased to help an industry-leader like Dixons Group turn its network complexity into a controlled and efficient asset.”

About Allot Communications:
Allot’s high-performance traffic management solutions are deployed by some of the world’s largest service providers, enterprises and universities to improve application performance, control bandwidth costs and optimize network efficiency. In enterprise networks, Allot’s highly scalable solutions help network managers ensure quality of service (QoS) by linking business policies to specific network actions that improve user productivity and contain networking costs. In service provider networks, Allot’s QoS and service level agreement (SLA) enforcement capabilities maximize return on investment by managing over-subscription, throttling P2P traffic and delivering tiered rate plans along with a host of innovative service capabilities.

About Dixons Group
Dixons Group is Europe’s leading electrical retailer. Headquartered in the UK, the Group employs 38,000 staff in 1,400 stores across 13 countries. The Group trades in the UK, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Spain and Sweden. Leading retail brands operated by the Group include Dixons, Currys, The Link, PC World, PC City, Electro World, UniEuro, Elkjop, El Giganten, Kotsovolos and Lefdal Lavpris. Business-to-business brands include PC World Business, Genesis Communications and Dixons Group Business Services. Own-brand sourcing operations are managed by the Group’s OmniSource division. The Group is also a leading provider of financial and after-sales services.