Ex Libris Unveils a Powerful New Tool for Electronic Resource Management

Ex Libris is pleased to announce Verde, a new system that assists libraries and information centers in managing and providing access to electronic resources. Complementing the existing suite of Ex Libris tools, Verde builds on the power of SFX and benefits from its ongoing penetration of the global library market.

Key features of Verde include:

Tools for effectively managing expanding e-collections throughout a resource's life cycle-from evaluation, selection, and acquisition through renewal and cancellation

Powerful functionality that facilitates collection-development decision making and cost analysis for single institutions and consortia

A comprehensive knowledge base to inform and assist librarians in acquisition processes and to automate the upkeep of e-collections

Ease of access to prevailing license terms, such as printing permissions

A high level of interoperability with SFX, OPACs, and applications that handle acquisitions, A-Z lists, and more

For SFX customers, assistance in managing electronic journals with no duplication of effort

From the outset, Verde was designed to address the requirements of the Digital Library Federation electronic resource management initiative (DLF ERMI; see http://www.library.cornell.edu/cts/elicensestudy/home.html). The Verde system builds on these requirements, particularly in its approach to library consortia and its provision of cost-analysis tools. Key input for the design of the system has come from an international focus group that encompasses a diverse range of libraries and several leading consortia. In addition, Ex Libris is pleased to be working closely with two development partners, Harvard University Library and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in particular, Harvard's Ivy Anderson (who is also a committee member for the DLF ERMI) and MIT's Ellen Duranceau.

''Ex Libris is proud to be once again at the cutting edge with technologies to help individual libraries and library consortia manage their electronic collections,'' commented Oren Beit-Arie, president of the Ex Libris Information Services Division. ''A natural outgrowth of the significant work achieved with SFX and the DLF ERMI, Verde now places powerful, effective e-collection-management tools in the hands of librarians. Ex Libris recognizes and values the international focus group members' significant contribution to the design of this system.''

The Verde ERM system is due to be released by the end of 2004.

About Ex Libris:

The Ex Libris Group is a worldwide pioneer in the field of software solutions for libraries and information centers. With over two decades of leadership in the field of library and information systems, Ex Libris continues to set industry standards by combining software strengths and library acumen to provide real solutions for this constantly evolving market. ALEPH, Ex Libris' integrated library solution, is currently installed at over 1250 sites in 51 countries. MetaLib, the information portal for library collections, and SFX, the context-sensitive link-server for heterogeneous electronic resources in the scholarly information environment, have been adopted by more than 600 institutions in 32 countries. DigiTool, for the construction of digital collections, rounds out the Ex Libris product suite.

For additional information on Ex Libris, please see http://www.exlibrisgroup.com.

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